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Naturalmente Galego
Company // Presentation
Founded in 1978, the company RAMIRO MARTÍNEZ, S.L. as focused its business on the meat industry.
Our location in the Salnés Valley affords us easy access to the main communication routes of Galicia.
We make typically Galician products such as ham, cacheira, bacon, etc., using production processes in which we have managed to combine the traditional recipes of old with the most advanced technologies on the market in production and hygiene and health security.
Our products are distinguished under the name MONTIÑO “Naturalmente Galego” [Naturally Galician].
Our main market is Galicia, which accounts for 70% of the company’s turnover. The rest of the turnover is completed by 25% from countries of the European Community and 5% from the rest of Spain. We cover all distribution channels, from the public sector, foodservice, wholesale or retail meat to supermarkets, hypermarkets and superstores.
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